Why Join the National Meals on Wheels Network

Why Join the National Meals on Wheels Network

The National Meals on Wheel Network has two types of membership for which it applies a fee, subject to certain exceptions as determined by the board of The Irish Rural Link: Full Members, Associate Members. See definitions section below. Only Full Members are legal members of the National Meals on Wheels Network. Applicants for membership will be required to complete a membership application and to pay the appropriate annual fee for their category of membership, where applicable. Upon acceptance, the term of membership shall be one calendar year and renewal of membership shall occur upon receipt of payment of the annual fee.

Full Members

An organisation which applies to become a Full Member of National Meals on Wheels Network must be an independently governed non-profit organisation. This is defined as being where the Board is independent and that the organisation has the ability to be self-directional in terms of deciding its own mission and vision – and even ultimately that it can make the decision to cease operations.

Member fees are calculated as such:

  • Organisations supplying over 100 meals per week: €100 annually
  • Organisations supplying less than 100 meals per week: €50 annually

Associate Members

An organisation which does not meet the requirements of Full Membership may become an Associate Member. Associate Members are entitled to the benefits of affiliation with the Meals on Wheels Network, but are not legal members of the Meals on Wheels Network.

To become an Associate Member, the organisation must sign up to the same terms as Full-Members set out in this document. Associate members are entitled to free membership.

If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.

Governance covered under Irish Rural Link’s constitution.  New legislation has made it more difficult and costly for groups to set up as networks so by forming a network under the umbrella of IRL, it eliminates these difficulties.
Access to funding opportunities through the meals on wheels network.
Reduction in insurance costs with BhP Insurance.
All members will have access to government and policy through surveys, meetings, submission or by contacting Irish Rural Link on any issue you may experience.
Networking opportunities for shared learning among members and external parties.
Collective buying as a network for products and services.
Invitation to Irish Rural Link’s annual conference
Attendance at the IRL AGM and have the right to vote Board members.
Attend Information days held by Irish Rural Link with Public Representatives to increase awareness of the work of Meals on Wheels and the challenges faced and opportunities available to the service.

Information about funding opportunities and other resources available.

Keep up to date on wider work in rural areas through IRL newsletter and regular members’ emails.

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